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OC3 providers are more prevalent in urban areas but at times, they do serve rural areas. There are many providers of OC3 circuits, including both Tier1 and Tier 2 OC3 suppliers. An OC3 provider can supply service to your business if your location is within range of a fiber-fed telecom Central Office (CO). Colocation facilities often have access to OC3 bandwidth from several providers, due to their proximity to the fiber lines of the major telecom carriers.  

The cost of an OC3 circuit depends on several factors. One factor is the proximity of your business location to a fiber-fed telecom CO; another is the number of companies that can provide an OC3 circuit to your location. The more companies that provide OC3 bandwidth for your location, generally the more competitive your OC3 circuit price quotes will be. If your business does not need the OC3 circuit to terminate at your business location, a colocation facility can usually provide a more cost effective solution. Colocation facilities are frequently located in major metropolitan areas and have close access to the fiber lines of the main telecom providers for that area. Because of this, the loop (or access) portion of the OC3 circuit cost is usually eliminated.  

An OC3 circuit provides 155 mbps of bandwidth. It is a great option for businesses that have bandwidth requirements above bonded T1 (3 mbps to 12 mbps), DS3 (45 mbps) or Fast Ethernet (100 mbps) circuits. OC3 circuits can facilitate point-to-point private lines, internet access, MPLS networks, data and video streaming and web hosting.  

If your business is researching OC3 bandwidth, another alternative would be Gigabit Ethernet (GigE). Gigabit Ethernet is supplied in speeds ranging from 100 mbps up to 1000 mbps. A Gigabit Ethernet circuit can support the same applications (MPLS networks, web hosting, etc.) as an OC3 circuit. GigE can be more cost effective when comparing the price per meg of bandwidth, depending on your location.  

Examples of customers who would commonly need the bandwidth of an OC3 provider would include large companies, call centers, data centers, small towns and large government agencies.  

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